This man is a passionate and relentless addict and purveyor of techno as long as it’s hypnotic, funky, emotive and weird. He’s been at it for over 25 years setting alight dance floors across the globe at most of the major events and clubs, and is happy playing alongside anyone from Sasha to Skrillex or X-dream to Quivver.

He is a true sonic chameleon who constantly blurs the lines of what constitutes house or techno.

His productions grace not only his own labels, but also the likes of Kompakt, Bedrock, onedotsixtwo, j00f, Personal Theatre, Twisted, iboga, Flow, Rennaisance, Nano, and Proton Music amongst many others.

With releases constantly scheduled and gigs all over the world, his star continues to rise. He is loved and adored by his countless followers, who regardless of the style he plays, always know they’re in for a sublime ride…