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We are now accepting demos in digital format. Please email with links to MP3 files (preferably Soundcloud links). Please remember to include contact details within the email body and keep your submission short and sweet, best tracks first.

– Make sure before you send music that fits the style of our label

– Soundclouds links are to have at least 2 tracks minimum to be able to sign. Don’t just send us one track.

– Send us a bit of information about yourself.

– Don’t not send us stuff that you have shared all over the internet or with hundreds of labels. (WE WILL NOT BE INTERESTED!) We like to work with people in a unique way to help build up their/your profile and have a close working relationship with you rather than just be another label for your portfolio!

We may not have time to always reply to everything but we do our best, but we DO listen to everything that is submitted!!

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