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In 1997 when Kasey Taylor founded Vapour Recordings, 2005 since Vapourise and 2008 since with his most recent label adventure eVapour8, the labels have forged themselves an enviable reputation, not only as some of Australia’s leading independent dance labels, but the worlds too. With Vapour Recordings, ‘Progressive’ has become a dirty word in dance music sense, but it really is just a definition that has been diluted by a sea of bad pseudo trance records masquerading as ‘progressive’ for a little more credibility.

When you use progressive in the Vapour Recordings sense of the word, think of it as forward thinking dance music. If there is one defining feature of a Vapour record it’s that it is just a little ahead of its time. The sort of tune that the average person might put back on the shelf, and then later hear it out in a club and kick yourself because you didn’t realise what the artist was doing, and cause now you know that a gem has slipped through your hands.

There are DJs in the world who have vision. Those who can pick up a sound before it becomes popular and break it to the masses. Names like Digweed, Cattaneo spring to mind, and Vapour records have always found their way into the record boxes and charts of these luminaries as Kasey Taylor also holds these qualities.

It isn’t easy to turn heads in the dance scene when you are a small record label operating from the ass end of the universe. It’s harder to slip promos to DJs and radio station reps, magazine editors and so on. There’s seldom a chance to drop your own track in front of the big name DJs to prove just how effective your music can be. With that in mind, it’s a real credit that Vapour Recordings has earned a spot as a premiere label on the global market, commanding the attention of all the industry heavy weights through nothing more than quality tunes. No advertising budget, no PR campaigns, no industry schmoozing, no shit talking, no sales driven drum rolls, no poxy synth lines – Just a talented collective of like minded artists, doing it well from around the globe.

Vapour Recordings

Established 1997

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