Outside The Inside

Release Date : December 4, 2012
Artists : Parham, Plaza
Catalog ref. : VR093
Format : Digital Download

Parham Shafti & Dominic Plaza, the legendary production duo who gave us releases such as Substance, Catch The Sun and Elevation amongst others, as well as remixes on Vapour classics such as Simplicity and Trapped are back on the label once again.

Since their last exposure here they have been experimenting further on with their unique “hybrid sound” and releasing tracks under various monikers, such as Out Of Loop and their latest project, The Quantum Mechanics. Noticeably owning a more organic and deeper sound than previously. For this release they have got out of their disguises to present the stunning “Outside The Inside”.

The original is a very cool dose of deep tech house, while Charlie May goes on the more twisted vibe to great effect, and the final mix in the package comes from Alex Brinken which is more hypnotic and has a cool acid vibe throughout.

We hope you enjoy this release!